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MGMT – Electric Feel
June 13, 2008, 2:11 pm
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I know this song isn’t new, but it is amazing. Before now I’d only seen a fan vid, made using the interactive game on the bands website in which you can pick your own backgrounds, etc. You can imagine my joy then, in discovering that this gem of a song has it’s very own video!

Think The Never Ending Story, think Peter Pan’s Neverland, think Jim Henson’s Creature Workshop, think psychedelic Prince-influenced falsetto, think spliffs. Think all of this and you’ll get the feel of this MGMT video.  

Motorbikes bursting through the moon in flames, Andrew playing some kind of weird horn, strange woodland animals playing instruments, a forest full of elf/pixie revellers, you’ll love it. 

I’d have the video here, but alas, embedding is not allowed by MGMT. It’s naughty. Oh yes. 

From “Oracular Spectacular”, MGMT’s “Electric Feel”.