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My Morning Jacket release Evil Urges – 10.06.2008
June 12, 2008, 1:58 pm
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Anyone who is a MMJ fan will already have been wetting their pants (this is including myself, I had 5 underwear changes on Tuesday morning alone) in excitement and anticipation for the release of their new album Evil Urges.

If you haven’t already, go buy it, it hit the shelves two days ago. I can guarantee that you’ll love it. However, if for some reason totally unfathomable, you can’t go and buy it, you can still go onto the bands Myspace and listen to the entire album. 

The band have taken such a creative leap with this album, to great success. Although it still has that guitar-driven rock element that we all know and love from the last three albums. “Highly Suspicious” is probably the albums WTF moment. And you can hear Prince’s influence in the funky rock guitar outbursts and ear piercing falsetto. “Sec Walkin” sounds a bit 70’s soul-ish. Best track of the album (so far) for me though, “Touch Me I’m Going To Scream, Part 2”, which I imagine is going to be a huge track, and in which Jim James shows off his amazing Omnichord skills.

Alas, there’s so much more to the album than these three songs, and I’m not posting this as some kind of album review anyway, so stop reading my opinions and go form your own! Quickly now!

“Oh! This feeling is wonderful! Don’t you ever turn it off!”. Ooft.

You can listen here