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The Album Cover Game
June 16, 2008, 9:29 pm
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Thanks to a brilliant blog post over at A Heart Full of Hornets, I’ve come across another magnificent way to waste my time while I should be doing something productive, i.e working.

This awesome game has you visit random pages of three websites, thus giving you a band name, an album title and album artwork. How it works:

First, click here to select a random Wikipedia entry: this is your band name.

Second, click here to get a random quote: the last four words are your album title

Lastly, click here to get a group of Flickr pictures. The third one will be your cover art 

Do some arty farty stuff to put it all together, or if you’re rubbish at that kind of stuff like me, get someone equally as rubbish to do it for you. Hopefully, it’ll turn out pretty good. Here’s mine.

Algorithm March – All In This Together …eh!