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New Damien Jurado Album!
June 26, 2008, 6:54 pm
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Damien Jurado’s new LP “Caught In The Trees”, is due out September 9th (same date as new Calexico LP, how kind will that day be on my ears!!!)

Here’s the track listing:

1. Gillian Was A Horse
2. Trials
3. Caskets
4. Coats Of Ice
5. Go First
6. Sorry Is For You
7. Last Rights
8. Dimes
9. Everything Trying
10. Sheets
11. Paper Kite
12. Best Dress
13. Predictive Living

Damien Jurado on Myspace.

MP3 – Damien Jurado – Gillian Was A Horse

MP3 – Damien Jurado – Gillian Was A Horse (radio edit)


The Shins to self-release new album!
June 24, 2008, 11:56 am
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After releasing three albums through Subpop, The Shins are to put out their 4th LP on their own.

“The deal will be more of a [pressing and distribution] deal than a traditional record deal,” Shins manager Ian Montone told Billboard. “That partner could very well remain Sub Pop, who have done a remarkable job with the band and have a great staff of people who really love music. It could be a digital partner with respect to other rights. All of this is being determined. The first goal is to make the record and see where that takes us”.

Check out The Shins on Myspace.

MP3 – The Shins – Phantom Limb



Download New Primal Scream Track FREE!
June 24, 2008, 11:15 am
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Primal Scream have made a brand new track available to download for free, ahead of the release of their new album “Beautiful Future”.

‘Urban Guerilla’, a cover of a Hawkwind track, is not on the album but provides a taster for the feel of the record.

Download the track here.
(Okay, I know the picture of just of Bobby Gillespie, but look at his pretty pretty hair!)

Iron & Wine

This is basically a blog I’ve written because I have a huge (and some say quite unhealthy) obsession with Sam Beam of Iron & Wine, so much so that as a 23 year old woman, I cried when I couldn’t make it to an Iron & Wine gig recently. Should I have admitted that? I don’t know. I was going to blog about other stuff, but I’ll stick to the whole ‘I love Sam Beam’ thing, and make this about all things Sam.

Iron & Wine is the stage and recording name of singer-songwriter Sam Beam. Born 26th July 1974. He has released three studio albums and several EP’s and singles. Apparently, he took the name Iron & Wine from a dietary supplement called “Beef Iron & Wine” that he saw in a store one day whilst shooting a film. His friend Ben Bridwell, of Band of Horses (but at the time part of the band Carissa’s Weird) sent out copies of demos that he’d made, and the owner of Sub Pop Records contacted him personally to propose a recording deal. However, due to his wife being in education and having small children to look after, this was a bit of a lengthy affair. Eventually, he was signed to Sub Pop and has been releasing nothing short of amazing records on the label since.

Watch Sam Beam and swoon over his amazing smile, marvel at the awesomeness of his beard, and wish you could eat Ben & Jerrys chocolate ice-cream with him when you’re feeling down when he’s interviewed on Cooking With Rockstars here.

Iron & Wine on Myspace.

MP3 – Iron & Wine – Woman King.

Watch a video on Fabchannel of the entire live Iron & Wine concert at Paradiso in Amsterdam, January ’08! You can’t possibly leave this blog without clicking this link and seeing how amazing Sam is live! Every single track is amazing. This is also an awesome website to check out some other bands, it’s really simple to use and doesn’t take forever for the videos to load, etc. And for all you people (and I’ve come across a few of you, grrr) who only seem to love Boy With A Coin, there’s an excellent live version of that on there too which has more of a reggae beat behind it! Resurrection Fern made me shiver, it’s so beautiful, and Sam does one of those little nervous ‘Oops, I made a mistake’ laughs that we all love him for. And Sam Beam looks sooooooooo good! Win! WATCH!

Another video containing one of Sam’s amazingly adorable ‘Oops, I made a mistake’ laughs was recorded for the Behind Closed Doors sessions, in which artists play one or two acoustic songs in an elevator (which Sam calls retarded). He sings Die, which although being one of the shortest songs I’ve heard him sing, is probably the most beautiful thing I’ve heard him sing. He also sings Boy With A Coin. It’s great to see Sam intimately like this, and I wish there were more videos like this! He has the most beautiful voice, and his smile makes me swoon. He altogether makes me swoon.


You should check out Behind Closed Doors if you haven’t already, there are a host of other amazing artists on there such as The Shins, Apples in Stereo, etc.

This is the video for Naked As We Came, which Sam Directed himself. He really is unbelievably talented and as well as being an excellent musician and painter, he makes excellent videos. Sam was once a professor of film and conematography at the University of Miami and the Miami International University of Art and Design, after graduating from the Florida State University Film School with an MFA degree. 


If you’ve been lucky enough to catch Iron & Wine live, it may be worth checking out Played Last, where you can buy recordings of the live shows. Played Last Night.   

MP3 – Iron & Wine – Southern Anthem

Ok, although I don’t think you can EVER get enough of Iron & Wine/Sam Beam, I think I better leave this post alone now, or I’ll continue to add more and more and add even more and …are you seeing the pattern?

 One more image for the road though, eh! And why not make it my picture ever!


She & Him (Or: How I’ve Come Across My Favourite Musical Discovery in Months)
June 13, 2008, 3:02 pm
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Ok, ok, I’m having a serious ‘OMFG WHY HAVE I NOT HEARD THIS BAND BEFORE?’ moment!

She & Him cosists of none other than the amazingly wonderful and talented one-man band/singing-songwriting genius Matt Ward and a girl who he recorded a duet with in 2006 named Zooey Deschanel!

(Wetting your pants in anticipation for the MP3 I’m gonna post yet, M. Ward fans?)

(I bet you are.)

This duet led to the two discussing collaborating further, and Deschanel admitting to have had a whole bunch of home recording stuff hidden away in the deepest darkest recesses of her home. Alas, no longer wanting her talents to be a secret, she got them out, posted them away to the lovely Matt Ward and these recordings became the basis for their first record between the two entitled “Volume One”.

The good part…

You can listen here.


New Calexico LP (And Tour)
June 13, 2008, 2:35 am
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Calexico’s new LP, “Carried to Dust”, is due out September 9th and of course, there’s a tour, so they can show off some of their 15 brand spanking new songs. Woop woop. Apparently, the album contains collaborations with Sam Beam, Douglas McCombs, and Pieta Brown. I’m looking forward to it.

Here’s the track listing:

1. Victor Jara’s Hands
2. Two Silver Trees
3. The News About William
4. Sarabande in Pencil Form
5. Writer’s Minor Holiday
6. Man Made Lake
7. Inspiración
8. House of Valparaiso
9. Slowness
10. Bend to the Road
11. El Gatillo (Trigger Revisited)
12. Fractured Air (Tornado Watch)
13. Falling From Sleeves
14. Red Blooms
15. Contention City

I could list the rest of the tour dates, but instead, I’ll just say I’ll be going 11th September @ Queens Hall, Edinburgh. But the rest of you Calexico fans can get the tour dates and listen to them here…

You can listen here.

Official Calexico Site.


In other Calexico news, a few weeks ago their track “Crystal Frontier”  WENT INTO SPACE! That’s right. On 31st May, the Space Shuttle Discovery went upwwards towards the International Space station. During shuttle flights, the friends and family of the astronauts are allowed to choose the music that is played to wake the astronauts up from sleep. Commander Mark Kelly’s wife, Gabrielle Gifford, a U.S. Congresswoman from Calexico’s native Arizona, chose Calexico’s “Crystal Frontier”. It’ll be beamed up into space, on 13th June, one day before landing. How frigging exciting! Well, at least I think it is. I’m sure Calexico do too! It gives Aerocelexico to brand new meaning, one may even say it has taken the album name to new heights. Har har. 

Because of this, Calexico have decided to give away a free MP3 of “Crystal Fronteir”. How very kind, huh.

Clicky the linky and checky it out…y.